Mujer con sobrepeso se convierte en modelo fitness tras intenso bullying

La estadounidense Meghan Gilbert presume en Instagram su historia, desde cuando le llamaba “muslos grandes”, a ahora que es una exitosa modelo fitness.

Instagram @megsmotivationn
Instagram @megsmotivationn

El bullying es un creciente problema de las sociedades modernas. Hay muchas formas de enfrentarlo, una de ellas demostrando a los acosadores el terrible error que cometieron al aplicar un cambio de vida.

Así lo hizo la joven de 21 años Meghan Gilbert, quien después de sufrir constante acoso por parte de sus compañeros de escuela, decidió dar un giro completo a su vida y perder más de 40 kilos para. Convertirse en una cotizada modelos fitness gracias a su notable belleza, su ambición e Instagram.

A good friend of mine took my senior prom photos in high school, and when I received them on a CD, I threw it on the ground and stomped it to pieces with a river of tears flowing. Since that day, I couldn't find one prom picture. Thankfully I got them back. The girl on the left was not the Meg that I am today. I started popping pills when i was 14, and had a binge eating disorder since I was very little. That led to depression and self worth issues. People bullied me but I also bullied myself.. the drugs kept getting worse I hated myself more and more by day, until binge eating turned into anorexia. I had an overdose in 2014. No one found me. I was alone. I remember having a vision of seeing my body laying on the floor with my dog pacing back and forth at my feet. By the grace of God, I woke up. I saw the tattoo on my foot "walk by faith not by sight" and I picked up my things and left college. From the moment I woke up and saw that, I knew I needed to change. I told depression no. I told Satan no. I followed God and learned to love my body and every flaw about myself. I embraced life. I found the gym and we have been in a relationship since June of 2015… HE NEVER CHEATS the gym taught me persistence, hope, consistance, and how to grow. I learned to take pain and use it to make myself stronger. It starts in your MIND! Change your mindset, pick up your feet, and get to the gym. WORKOUT PLAN IS COMING; i pinky promise it will launching AUGUST 1st!. ❤️ #YouCantGetTheAssYouWantBySittingOnIt

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Hace tres años fue diagnosticada con un síndrome por el que comía compulsivamente. Según relata Meghan Gilbert, todo comenzó después de un crucero, cuando su mala alimentación le hizo llegar a pesar más de 95 kilogramos y tener un indice de grasa corporal superior a 38%. Sus compañeros la apodaban muslos grandes.

Su intimidación alimentó mi desorden de comer compulsivamente e hizo que me odiara por lo que veía, dijo Meghan a Mirror.

Meghan considera que las fotos que documentaban el deterioro de su figura fueron el detonante para cambiar su estilo de vida. Tras cambiar su régimen alimenticio, y comenzar a ejercitarse diariamente, Gilbert perdió poco a poco varios kilogramos hasta alcanzar los 50 kilos. Ahora Meghan es una modelo fitness y una influencer para quienes buscan una imagen física saludable con casi 50 mil seguidores y contando.

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The little girl on the left grew up living a dark life. She hated going shopping because everytime she looked in the mirror, she would cry and claim that the lighting made her look fatter. So in order to feel better, she ate fries and drank a large Dr Pepper or 4. Little meghan wouldn't wear shorts or tanks even in 105 degree Texas heat, because she was so self conscious. Deep down, she wanted more than anything to love herself, but she didn't know how.. so she started to pop pills and party. She lost all faith and all love. She was dancing with the devil, and ended up being roofied and raped. From then on, she went on a black out spree. She didn't eat and trained her brain to hate food, until the day she overdosed. When I woke up, I saw the tattoo on my foot "walk by faith, not by sight", picked up my stuff, left college, and went through healing. The first step was learning how to love again, starting with loving myself. I trained myself to eat, which cannabis helped greatly with. I started by go to the park on walks and runs,doing body weight exercises. I got a trainer, and started to be confident. Even the days I was down, I would push myself. DEPRESSION WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!! Change your mindset. Love is the GREATEST. Jesus commandment to us was LOVE. So start there. LOVE yourself, LOVE others, and LOVE your creator. 80 lbs down props to @justinclemons for this beautiful photo taken in dallas at White Rock lake

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The girl on the left was 200 lbs of depression, anxiety, and sin. I was addicted to drugs and I partied every night. I woke up in the morning wanting to forget that I had to wake up this morning.. my life was just..sad. I hated every part of my body and being until I took one too many pills and sipped one too many drinks, waking up after 36 hours of straight sleep. Well, could be longer. When I woke up from my overdose, I saw my tattoo "walk by faith not by sight" and that's when I knew I wasn't doing life right. The Bible PREACHES LOVE! That's Jesus's commandment. So that's where I started. I loved myself. I loved the gym. I loved the hardship. I loved the pain and soreness. I loved the people around me. And most of all, I loved God. When you first start to lift weights and someone pushes you to go harder, most the time you say no I can't do that much! But then you try, and you get one Rep out. You think you can't do it, but in reality you can. It hurts. You build muscle by tearing it down… Same thing goes in life. You gain strength through hardship. You will always have gloomy times in your life, and what matters most is your mindset. Saying no, I can't do it and not trying. Or saying yes, I can do it. I will try. I won't give up, no matter how hard it is or how much it hurts. I trust You, God. After the pain and trials, you end up stronger. I started at a 5lb dumbell, and now I'm lifting a 25lb. It hurt when I first lifted that 5.. so bad. But I kept on going. To 10. It hurt. To 15. It hurt. The same goes for life. Trials are like God's gym. Building you up to prepare for what is to come next. ❤️ 80 lbs downs plus a gained mindset of strength and endurance. Clean for 2 years and one month

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