Profesora discrimina a hijo de famoso conductor de TV por tener dos padres: VIDEO

El conductor de televisión publicó un mensaje en el que reveló que su pequeño hijo fue víctima de discriminación por parte de su profesora

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El conductor tiene 47 años. Foto: Instagram

El conductor de televisión, Louis van Amstel publicó un mensaje en el que reveló que su pequeño hijo, Daniel, fue víctima de discriminación por parte de su profesora.

En el video publicado, el también bailarín señaló que su hijo fue discriminado por tener 2 papás adoptivos.

Louis van Amstel relató que en las víspera del Día de Acción de Gracias, la profesora cuestionó a sus alumnos sobre cuál era la razón por la que iban a dar gracias; Daniel habría respondido que por sus dos padres que pudieron darle un hogar.

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My husband, @joshua_vanamstel, wrote THE most perfect post about some frequent questions we get about our adoption process. <Please Read!!> – Answers to common questions we’re getting regarding Adoption: 1. Why do you cover his face? Our child is being adopted from foster care and is currently a ward of the state. Until his adoption is finalized we may not post photos of his identity on social media or otherwise. 2. When will the adoption be finalized/when will we have him in our home? These are technically two different questions we don’t have the answers to. We are currently waiting for an ICPC to be approved so he may leave his home state to live in Utah with us… we have no way of knowing how long that will take. Once he DOES live with us, and the ICPC has been approved, we have a period of six months where we are only legally fostering the child until we can adopt him. 3 Why are you not having a baby? Honestly, can you see a baby fitting into our active lifestyle and travel schedule? Not that we aren’t entirely capable of caring for a newborn, but we felt especially drawn to the idea of adopting one of the 500,000+ youth in this country who need loving parents at an older age. 4 And this is a big one…: Please don’t ask us about his trauma or history! He has lived a harder life than any child should and if someday he himself wants to share that with the world that will be by his terms. This past does not make him broken and it does not make him damaged. It makes him individually and uniquely beautiful like the rest of us and our scars and one day it is our hope that Louis and I can help him see his struggles as triumphs not as his short comings. Life has handed us a beautiful opportunity to complete our family by giving our love to another human who deserves receiving love as much as we want to give it away.

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La respuesta de la profesora…

Después de escuchar la respuesta de Daniel, la profesora habría agredido verbalmente al pequeño frente a todo el salón de clases.

De acuerdo con los reportes, la docente habría utilizado frases como la homosexualidad es mala y tener dos papás no es positivo para agredir al pequeño.

Tras las declaraciones, varios compañeros de Daniel acudieron con las autoridades del plantel, quienes optaron por separar de su cargo a la profesora.

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